We combine the index construction with the orientation of the economic development, serving the changing market needs by staying ahead of the curve.


Our unmatched expertise, experience and deep understanding of the market make ChinaBond indices widely used references in navigating China’s bond market.


Our background as a key financial market infrastructure, along with the robust governance structure make us a credible index provider in China’s bond market.


Our deep-rooted research capabilities in the domestic market allow us to provide macroscopic views and insights into the market trends.


We provide comprehensive range of products and professional services to cover market needs.


With panoramic perspective and unique market understanding, we strive our best to help local and international investors to grasp the opportunity of China's onshore market development efficiently.


We provide transparent index methodology with professional, in-depth data and information, which the market can reply on.

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About CCDC

China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd. (CCDC), founded in December 1996, is the only one of the 26 central financial enterprises to specialize in financial market infrastructure (FMl) services. lts registered capital is RMB12.5 billion. ...

In recent years, CCDC has also assumed regulatory support functions designated by competent authorities. Harnessing its enterprise framework and unique expertise as an FMI, it has evolved into a transparent and convenient central registration platform for various financial assets. As at end-2021, CCDC had over RMB128 trillion worth of financial assets under registration and management.

About CBPC

ChinaBond Pricing Center Co., Ltd. (CBPC), a subsidiary wholly owned by China Central Depository & Clearing Co., Ltd. (CCDC), was established in Shanghai in July 2017. Its predecessor is a benchmark formation platform built by CCDC in the past two decades based on its neutrality and expertise as a central securities depository. ... Since the release of the first China Treasury Bond yield curve in 1999, ChinaBond Pricing Data, as widely accepted as benchmarks of the China domestic bond market, has been developed into a pricing system comprising ChinaBond Yield Curves, ChinaBond Valuation, ChinaBond Index, ChinaBond Reference Data, ChinaBond Market Data, ChinaBond Risk & Compliance Products, ChinaBond Desktops and ChinaBond Solution & Advisory Services, reflecting a comprehensive picture of RMB bond market prices and risk profiles.

There are more than 1,100 domestic users of ChinaBond Price Data, covering funds, insurance and securities companies and the majority of Chinese banks. ChinaBond Pricing Data has effectively promoted the fair value valuation of bonds and increased market transparency. It has become an important reference indicator for fiscal and monetary policies, and also a powerful market monitoring tool for regulators. In addition, it effectively assists the implementation of interest rate liberalization, RMB internationalization and other national financial strategies.

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